Frequently Asked Questions

Mountain View Discounts is a great new Discount & Coupon website serving Mountain View, Ar and the surrounding area. A user can not only find super deals on all kinds of products and services but also place ads for just about anything imaginable. Ads can be presented on mobile devices or printed out and presented as a traditional coupon. You never have to worry about having your coupon with you, just present it to the business or seller on you mobile device!

How do I find my deals? Simple! Just scan the QRC Code that can be found on flyers located at local businesses or visit www.MountainViewDiscounts.com and find products and services by using the keyword, category or store selectors on the web page. You can also use the regular search box in the upper right of the page.

How do I contact or locate the issuer of the coupon or discount? Each coupon or discount should have all pertinent info the seller is offering visible on the ad itself. Sometimes you need to click the “Read More” link at the end of the ad copy to expand the information.

How do I create an Ad? Simply click the “Ad Listing” tab in upper Navigation Menu. Either choose one of the 3 “Single Listing” Ad options or one of the 3 “Membership” options and click the “Create Listing” button beneath your selection.  Fill in the appropriate data in the 5 input areas (Add Listing, Listing Details, Listing Categories, Listing Attachments and Listing Location). Fill in only the areas you feel are best for your ad.

Can I get help creating an ad? Sure! Just send us a detailed message in the “Contact Form” or give us a call at 870.269.2985 and we would be happy to help you get started. If you don’t feel comfortable with “computer stuff” or just don’t have the time, we will be happy to design an ad for you at a minimal cost.

Single Listing, Membership, what’s the difference? A Single Listing is a Pay as You Go listing. You get one listing with varying time lengths and options depending on which one you choose. Ad lengths range from up to 30 days all the way up to 3 months. Various listing enhancements can be purchased or are included on the “Plus” or “Premium” packages. Single listings do not require a membership. 

A membership includes multiple listings and listing options. It’s much more economical for those who want to run many ads per month or year. The Unlimited Annual Membership package includes as many listings as you want for one year. Not only that, but all the Bells & Whistles are included an no additional charge!

What kind of media can I use in my ads? Just about anything! You can upload documents, images, videos, audio or just type your information in. The amount of uploads depend on the listing or member package you choose. If you need help designing your ad, please call us and we will be happy to develop your your artwork for a nominal fee!

Which package is best for me? It really depends on what your realistic annual usage you will be. Generally, service oriented businesses need fewer ads per year than retail businesses or restaurants that will have several ads running concurrently and many ads on an annual basis. Businesses or services that will only run a few ads annually are better suited for the single listing “Pay as You Go!” packages. If you will run many ads yearly, the membership packages are much more economical. The Premium Membership package includes unlimited ads and all the bells and whistles available!

What is my effective market range? The big picture would include anyone with an internet connection or a cell phone so that’s just about everyone. Practically speaking, the adds will work best for those looking for local customers and customers that will be traveling to Mountain View, Ar or maintain residences in the area. RV’ers are another excellent customer base. With that said, anyone willing to ship products, crafts or artwork could take advantage of distant consumers that happen to be interested in what Mountain View merchants or artists have to offer.

What ‘s the difference in a discount and a coupon? A discount is a generalized ad that offers a discounted price or percentage during a particular time frame for a product or service. A coupon is a printable or online offer that requires the coupon to be presented at the time of purchase. Coupons can also have a coupon codes to prevent overuse and fraud.